Sunday, February 1, 2009

Minnesota Sucks

hey i'm taylor i'm gonna be helping out with the blog!
ok so i was born and half-raised in massachusetts, then taken away to live in minnesota.
however, the good ol' MA will always be "home", and so i've thought about reasons to seriously despise where i currently reside.

#1. it is obnoxiously cold here. like, 32 degrees is considered a heat wave. completely and utterly unnecessary.

#2. there is an absense of quality eateries that are abundant in the east coast. examples being dunkin' donuts, roche bros., and so far a have not seen a single panera bread!

#3. flatness. so flat that ski mountains are referred to as hills, but it my opinion, are actually more like speedbumps.

#4. even though this is the "land of 10,000 lakes'' it cannot compare in the slightest to the ocean. you can't get quality seafood from a piece of water with no horizon, and it's pretty impossible to get decent body-surfing waves.

#5. coming from the land of the red sox, patriots, and celtics, i am severly disappointed with the MN teams. the wild are good, but that's it. and when i went to a game, the fans aren't nearly as enthusiastic as bostonians cheering on their celtics or sox or pats.

minnesota sucks, boston rules :)
and that is that.