Monday, February 2, 2009


So for a while after seeing the commercial, i had the irrational desire to buy a snuggie. This must prove good advertising on the part of whatever lunatics distribute the snuggie, especially considering its basically a robe worn backwards that costs about $20. Anyway, I've figured out my main attraction to "The Snuggie" would be to buy one just so I could say that I have a snuggie. Because I'm just that cool. Also, I'm pretty sure I would wear it out in public. All the time. Especially when hanging out with the kind of people who are constantly taking pictures of themselves to post on facebook. Because who doesn't want the whole world to see that they are acquainted with someone in possession of a snuggie? When you really think about, the whole idea of a snuggie is kind of genius because of dumbasses like me who would buy one just for the heck of it. If i had $20 to begin with.
Also, while we are on the subject of snuggies, you guys whould check out this video,


  1. that video was classic.

    just get a normal blanket and poke a hole through the top. maybe sew some sleeves too.

    ok, i'm making you a faux snuggie for your 16th birthday.

  2. oh and i love the random HP reference