Friday, January 30, 2009

GAY PENGUINS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so this will be the first post for Random Crap We Like To Talk About: Blog Edition. The subject is.................GAY PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I forget where, but a while ago i heard about a gay penguin couple (Roy and Silo) at the central park zoo. Obviously, it was the most exciting news of the year for me. Anyway, I recently heard that some husband-stealing hussy barged in on their relationship, and now Roy is all alone. That made me sad :( . Turns out though, that there is another gay penguin couple in china. Turns out they wanted to be papa penguins so much that they were stealing eggs from other penguins. So the people at the zoo decided to give the penguins an egg of their own, and they were such good parents, that the penguins were allowed to get married! What makes this even more awesome, is that this means the penguins are the first gay couple to be married in china :) . So anyway, it turns out there are actually A LOT of gay penguins out there, which i think we can all agree makes the world a much better place. Oh yeah, and here is the article about the gay penguins in China!

Obviously, i have waaaaaaaaaayyyy too much free time on my hands :/

- Molly