Saturday, January 31, 2009

I will have nightmares tonight...

okay, so i was just re-reading the article about the gay penguins getting married in china (as i said before, i have waaaaaaaaaaayyy too much time on my hands) and i'm feeling pretty good because honestly, who isn't in a good mood when reading about gay penguins. So anyway i finally reached the bottom of the article, my heart all aglow with the awesomeness of the gay penguins, when i see they have a short little list of related articles. I decide to check it out, thinking to find some more heart warming stories about gay penguins finding love in this cold, cruel world against all the odds. instead, to my horror, there is a story about a seal RAPING A PENGUIN. I am not making this up. And to make it even worse THEY HAD PICTURES XP . i'm pretty certain that i wont be able to close my eyes for the next few weeks at the least. anyway, i thought i would share my traumatic experience as a way to cope, as i hear that is the first step to recovery. a little warning to everyone, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE CLICKING ON BEFORE YOU CLICK IT!!! i can only hope to save people from the same fate from which I myself have suffered....


  1. im sorry you had to deal with that Molly

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